BC Federation of Labour Convention 2016 – Day 3

Day 3 started with a reminder of the dangers when employers put profits/production over the wellbeing of that of the employees.  A moment was taken to reflect on the Golden Tree, that on 7 March 2017, will be 10 years of remembrance.

“Sarbjit Kaur Sidhu, 31, Amarjit Kaur Bal, 52, and Sukhvinder Kaur Punia, 46, were killed on the morning of March 7, 2007 travelling to work in a 15-passenger van; the remaining 14 farmworkers were injured. The 15-passenger van was overloaded, carrying 17 people, had only two seatbelts, and wooden benches had replaced the stock seats. It was being driven dangerously by the van’s owner, a labour contractor, who did not have the proper driver’s license.”

Not too often can labour relations make you laugh, Charlie Demers, progressive comedian found his niche.  Charlie shared stories of moral through humour, once the laugher stopped, the reality hit, that situations are only funny when it happens to someone else.  What is happening in BC Government effects unionism and effects all union members and families.

BC Federation of Labour launched the May 9th 2017 ‘Together for BC‘ Election campaign.  The campaign launched started with a presentation by committee members and ended with a t-shirt canon.  Thursday, political action will take to the streets to start public awareness to upcoming elections.

By Linda Givetash Today | TheTyee.ca. Photo by Linda Givetash.

By Linda Givetash Today | TheTyee.ca. Photo by Linda Givetash.