BC Federation of Labour Convention 2016

BC Fed Convention started on Monday. Other than a series of reports by a variety of committees about the work they have done over the past 2 years there were great inspiring contributions by the following speakers;

Irene Lanzinger
“Lanzinger targeted the Clark government’s record of losing good-paying full-time jobs and instead creating precarious part-time work.”

“She wants to be called premier jobs, and she boasts about her job creation record,” says Lanzinger. “But in the last year, 75% of new jobs were part-time, low-paying jobs with no benefits. In reality, she’s premier precarious, premier part-time, or premier poverty—take your pick.”

Erie Maestro
“In the last decade, there has been a shift towards bringing in an increased number of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) across Canada.  Meanwhile, programs and policies that can protect and promote their rights and welfare are lacking.  And in many cases, TFWs may be isolated from progressive organizations that can assist them.”

Donald Lafleur
“Within CUPW, Donald lead the way on environmental issues, both internally but also by pressuring Canada Post and governments to reduce their environmental foot print.”

Looking forward to tomorrows agenda.