BC Fed, knowledge transfer

Accommodating Disabled persons

Excellent session, lots of focus on the definitions between visible and invisible disabilities. Group activities surrounding the investigation of a hypothetical circumstance regarding the health and confidentiality of a member.

Next Steps in Social Media

Be bright, be detailed, be short…and be online.  Online video is the next trend in messaging, education and authenticity. User statistics show that one to three minute videos is the online attention span; more clicks on video than text, and engagement or follow-up clicks show higher on video instruction, than text instruction.

How can this be incorporated with CUPE 718?  Collective Agreement areas that need clarification. Response to management policy, changes or introductions.  General information share.  Communications committee is going to be busy 2016… 🙂

Online / Off-line engagement

Good content, learned about the different ways other union locals reach out electronically to their members. Interesting tool used by many, which is to “text *blank* to this number” and the member responds to a series of questions, such as contact information.

Talking Politics – Power of Story telling

Good discussions, utilized the ability to tell stories from our own experiences to introduce people to new topics, generally related to activism within the union. Vague topic with good facilitators, many inspiring stories without as much practical content to walk away with.

Building a Movement

What does it take to get things done… Unions build foundations on solidarity… solidarity within the union, within CUPE… but what about community, educational institutions?

Metro Vancouver Alliance, presented their strength within solidarity with 56 community groups, labour, faith and educational institutions working together for the common good. obviously, between the 3 groups there are areas of opposition and disagreement, however, between the groups are shared areas of concern.  These areas are focussed on and acted upon collectively, in strength.

How can this be incorporated with CUPE 718? Committee members would research the shared areas within the Metro Vancouver Alliance, and identify if our local would benefit from participating within the movement.

Poverty is a LGBTQ issue

Great session, very well researched presentation. Vice President of BCTF shared statistics and the status of LGBTQ rights within the labour force of BC. Lots of focus on trans gender and minorities within the queer community.